A TEAM who have been working to transform a historical beauty spot in Lugar want youngsters to add their own piece of history – by designing an official flag.

‘The Spoot’, a natural spring with crystal clear water, will soon be back in the hands of the village after years of neglect.

With the finishing touches being added to a serious facelift, John Baird and his team want to further cement the sites place in the community, by asking local children to take part.

A competition is due to be set up where talented youngsters can be creative, and design a flag that will fly high over ‘The Spoot’ for years to come.

John,45, told the Chronicle: “Whilst we have been working on the site. we noticed a flagpole and thought we could have our own flag up there.

“With the kids being on lockdown, we thought of an idea to give them all something to do. They can have their own piece of history.”

“We want them to think of a design that will represent ‘The Spoot’ or Lugar. It’s from a childs perspective. They could maybe think of the horse and carts who used to collect water from there to be distributed throughout the community. Or it could be a chance to thank our NHS and key workers, with a colourful rainbow.”

Once the competition entries have been gathered they will be sent to be digitally printed, before the final flag is produced.

The project has been ongoing between a team volunteers of all ages throughout the coronavirus lockdown period.

Legend has it that ‘The Spoot’ was once visited by villagers for the pure spring water that was said to have made their whisky taste better.

After years of neglect, the site has been re-decked so it is now wheelchair and pram accessible, and stunning birdseye pictures taken have shown how far the project has come.

The deadline for the competition is June 3. Entries can be sent to johnbaird@live.co.uk


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