A CUMNOCK mum is going to take part in the Dundee Kiltwalk in a desperate bid to make her house wheelchair accessible for her disabled son.

Michelle Bickerton, 43, is heading to the City of Discovery to take on a six mile trek - as it is the next available fundraiser, with the event set to be held in August.

It comes as she aims to raise money for her son, Sam who suffers from spina bifida and hydrocelaphus and is due to undergo major surgery that will leave him relying on a wheelchair for at least 18 months, with doctors saying it will be “miracle” if he walks independently again.

We told last month how the brave teen could be left a prisoner in the family home, if Michelle can’t secure the £80,000 required to carry out works to wheelchair-proof the house.

Michelle told the Chronicle: “We saw that the Kiltwalk in Dundee was coming up and we thought we need to do it. I’m hoping hoping my brother will be joining me, and we get more friends and family to sponsor us.”

Michelle has been left with a difficult task of trying to fundraise during the coronavirus crisis, which has left many struggling.

But she has been delighted to see more donations are coming in, with one Chronicle reader who wished to remain anonymous donating £50 to help Sam.

She added: “We have an online raffle for prizes that is going well. But it is a difficult time, we know there are so many out there who have lost their jobs.”

The mum will face her own battle when it comes to the walk, as she broke her leg in two places several years whilst taking Sam out. He has seen the funny side of her challenge.

Michelle added: “When I told him he laughed and said, ‘Of all the ways you could fundraise mum’.”

Donate at: https://dundeekiltwalk2020.everydayhero.com/uk/michelle/wizard/share