EAST Ayrshire registrars have been working the clock during the coronavirus crisis - to gather essential statistics for the Scottish government.

The registrars are with communities from the cradle to the grave, through every major life event at the happiest of times and at the most difficult times.

Since March and the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Registrars have been working seven days a week to provide a remote death registration service, as face to face registrations are no longer possible due to social distancing measures.

Cathy added: “By the end of each day we are all exhausted, mentally and physically. We have been very conscious of our mental wellbeing. There are times when we have all been emotional and that is ok, we are living through a stressful time and that is a very important thing to acknowledge. We have been through this journey together and have provided support to each other throughout.”

Councillor Elena Whitham, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities said:“East Ayrshire Registrars provide a vital service to our communities. They are very much at the frontline, working with individuals and families throughout the journey of life.

“With offices closed, appointments have to take place over the phone. This means that our employees can no longer comfort the bereaved as they would wish and this has been difficult for both teams. They have broken down, devastated that families are unable to mourn together or comfort each other and grieve in a normal way."