A CUMNOCK nurse who was left with one lung after a cancer treatment trekked 10k to raise money for the children’s hospital she works in.

Robyn Morrison, 25, has been out of work for seven weeks – as she is part of a vulnerable group shielding against coronavirus.

But she wanted to still contribute to the amazing unit at Crosshouse Hospital as she misses her colleagues and being able to look after children.

On International Nurses Day, Tuesday, May 12, she took on the challenge in a bid to raise cash for the Crosshouse Children’s Fund.

Robyn told the Chronicle: “I’m really missing my work and all my colleagues. I noticed a post that they were going to be doing a 5km challenge so I thought I would do my own.

“I set up a fundraiser page to do 10k which I knew would be a bit of a challenge due to having one lung. But I thought that will be my contribution whilst they are still in there having to deal with all of this.”

Robyn was joined by her mum, dad, boyfriend and dog Mazie for the walk, which took her through Cumnock.

She said: “The first half was harder with loads of hills. Hills and stairs are difficult for me. It is the furthest I’ve walked in four years.

“I tried a practice one previous to that which was just short of 10k, this was 10.4k, but it was brilliant to get it done.”

Robyn was dealt with the shock news just before her 21st birthday that she would have a lung removed after doctors discovered a massive tumour, that left them with no choice.

She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called neuroendocrine, after years of suffering chest infections.

She said: “I had been having chest infections since I was 15 and they would get really bad.

“It was just by luck that this time the consultant that was in said things didn’t seem right, I should not be getting this many infections.

“I’ve never smoked, I’m young and healthy so they wanted to take more tests

“They found a massive tumour on one of my lungs, and they had to remove the whole lung.

“It all happened so fast. Within three weeks they had taken biopsies and I was taken to the Golden Jubilee for surgery.”

Robyn still gets treated for the cancer which can still have an impact on her.

But she vowed to continue her work as a nurse, and can’t wait to get back to look after children in Ward 1B at Crosshouse when restrictions are lifted.

She added: “It’s been gutting to know that my colleagues will be in there having to deal with everything and I can’t be there to help.

“I started off my training in the children’s ward, I just loved it. I love my job, love treating the children and I really miss it.

“Everyone is really supportive. Even on days when I am not feeling great they understand and give me support.

“All of us who are shielding all received a handmade card.

“They are an amazing team, I can’t wait to get back.”

You can donate to Robyn's fundraiser here.