A CUMNOCK mum fears her disabled son will become a prisoner in his own room after he undergoes major surgery

Brave Sam Bickerton, 14, suffers spina bifida and hydrocelaphus.

Up until now the teen has been able to defy doctors and walk, despite being paralysed from his quad muscles down.

But due to complications he now needs to undergo a series of operations which will leave him in a wheelchair for at least 18 months. It could take a miracle for him to walk again.

His mum Michelle, 43, fears the teenage could be confined to his room – because their house isn’t wheelchair accessible.

And the family are struggling to find the £80,000 needed to allow wheelchair access to their home.

Michelle said: “The house isn’t wheelchair accessible. The last couple of times he’s been off his feet because of an injury, he’s had to just stay in his room.

“The doorways in the house, apart from the front door, are not big enough. We have to do major structural work to the house and then do an extension in the back. It all comes at a high cost.”

Michelle would normally sell her homemade tablet in local shops for Sam, and the family would take opportunities to fundraise, but with social distancing restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, the family have been left without options.

She said: “It’s a real challenge just now. We can’t go out and fundraise, we can’t hold bingo or race nights. We used to sell our homemade tablet and that has helped us a lot up until now.”

Sam has already overcome many hurdles in his life, he has proven his ability to walk against all the odds, and became a keen swimmer.

But as he has gotten older, complications have meant it is impossible for him to take part in the exercise he loves.

Sam has also faced horrendous bullying from his time at secondary school, which has meant he is home schooled, and looked after by his dad Ian, 48, supported by his little brother Jack, 13.

Michelle said: “He was born with his condition. We were told by doctors he would never be able to walk, but he is such a fighter.

“We have really pushed him all his life, we’ve never said anything is impossible, and he’s so determined.

“As he’s gotten older his condition has become worse. He’s been off his feet with injuries, he’s broken bones without even realising it.

“The operation is the right thing for Sam. I’m very apprehensive, you have to be for any kind of surgery. We hope it will give him a better quality of life and more opportunities.”

You can donate via https://www.gofundme.com/f/v5dbqv-support-sam


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