A CATRINE mum who lives with rheumatoid arthritis wants to inspire others with long-term conditions via a new website – as she embarks on a wellbeing revolution.

Melanie McLean, 42 set up her own business to start inclusive classes that help those with disabilities participate in inclusive classes, such as chair yoga at the start of the year, after quitting as communications and events manager for Scotland Versus Arthritis.

But after a flying start in January and classes booked right through the summer, she was forced to re-think her plans due the coronavirus pandemic.

Now she wants to put all her focus into starting a website that will offer a virtual “tool-box” to help thousands of people who are left isolated due to their condition.

She has set up an online fundraiser with a target of £2,000 to build a website, that will be as inclusive for people of all ages and needs as her classes aimed to be.

Melanie told the Chronicle: “When you have got a chronic condition you’re an outpatient for so many clinics. People have seen enough of hospitals. You want to be included in your community alongside people you can meet who are similar, where you’re not the odd one out.”

“I realised there was something needed in Ayrshire so I took the leap to set this up.

The mum to a three-year-old daughter, has endured a lifetime of various treatments for her chronic condition, including two hip replacements and a knee replacement.

Her experience has driven her on to inspire others in the same position, as she wants to tell her own story through her website, and testimonials from experts, and people living with the condition.

Melanie said: “I found resilience really early on when I spent most of my childhood in hospital.

“When you are going through chronic pain, a lot of it is about self-management. I was put through so much trauma; I was a guinea pig for different treatments. I know how traumatic it can be, so I want to tell people that yes, some things are terrible but there are ways to have a toolbox of things that can help you get through every day.

“Exercise, nutrition, meditation, being more in touch with nature can all help. They can do that all via my website.”

You can support Melanie’s Wellbeing Revolution via https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/the-wellbeing-revolution.


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