MORE than 150 fixed penalty notices have been handed out by police officers in Ayrshire due to people flouting coronavirus restrictions.

Figures released today show police in Ayrshire had issued the fourth highest amount of fines in the country - 152- with seven people arrested in the region between March 27 and April 23.

Across Scotland 1,637 people have been issued with a fixed penalty notice with 78 arrests as Police Scotland continue to urge people to stick with physical distancing to protect the NHS and save lives.

Ayrshire’s Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Faroque Hussain, said: “People are making significant sacrifices to their day-to-day lives and I am grateful to everyone who is playing their part in the collective effort to protect the NHS and save lives.

“Although the warm weather would normally see people out enjoying our green spaces and coastal areas, we must stick with the physical distancing guidance at this time.”

Deputy Chief Constable Malcolm Graham added: “On the small number of occasions where officers have taken enforcement action, this has largely been in response to house parties or public gatherings, while a small minority of irresponsible and selfish people who repeatedly and wilfully break the law, have now received multiple fixed penalty notices.”


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