A CROSS party group of MPs have called for a virtual recall of Parliament to discuss COVID-19 policy.

Allan Dorans, MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock and Central Ayrshire MP Dr Phillipa Whitford and are among politicians who wrote to express concern over the lack of debate taking place around coronavirus as the UK heads into its fifth week of Lockdown.

Taking to Twitter, Ms Whitford said: “At such a time of crisis, the Westminster Parliament should be recalled, on a virtual basis, so we can question UK Government on their #COVID19 policy decisions and to ensure #Lockdown isn’t lifted too soon.”

Writing to Westminster on April 11, the MPs said: “With the UK recording its worst daily fatality rate yet during the coronavirus crisis. We should be able to hold the Government to account publicly.

“With public and political unease mounting about aspects of the Government’s handling of the crisis, people rightly expects these issues to be debated by their elected representatives fully and publicly.

“We recognise that it is still not possible for MPs and peers to travel to Westminster to sit in parliament, but we believe the technological means are there now to ensure that a greater level of remote accountability is possible.”

Ms Whitford said: “As a doctor I have been concerned about the UK Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic from the start, as is clear from the many issues I raised in the House of Commons.

“The next big decision in this crisis will be about when to ease the lockdown and the recent Home Office leak, talking about ‘herd immunity,’ raises concerns that the UK Government will be tempted to lift restrictions too early: focussing on the economy rather than lives.

“The daily press conference is simply not an appropriate or sufficiently robust way in which to hold Ministers to account.”


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