Three Auchinleck nieces of an NHS theatre nurse raised more than £250 for charity, inspired by their aunt.

Leanne Dunlop, who works at Ayr Hospital, said she is extremely proud of Aimee, 15, Cailyn, 11, and Evie, 8, who camped out to raise money for the NHS charities.

She said: “I am one proud aunty who is very humbled by what they have done.”

Aimee was due to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh challenge, but when it was cancelled she wanted to put the equipment to good use.

She said: “Because my aunt Leanne works for the NHS, they’re all basically risking their lives on the front-line against COVID-19.

“I’m really proud of her, she’s doing a great job but I’m also a little bit worried.

“So I wanted to raise money for the NHS.”

Aimee and her younger sisters camped out in the back garden and friends and family donated £255 to go towards charity.

It was the youngest, Evie’s, first time, but the sisters are all sporty.

Both Aimee and Cailyn swim for the South Ayrshire Team and Evie plays football with Talbot.

The family have been taking part in the clap for the NHS every Thursday too.

They’re hoping to raise more funds by maybe doing an all-day walk.

Leanne said: “I’m extremely proud, it’s so selfless.

“It’s very emotional, when you hear everyone getting recognised for their work.”

Leanne has been in nursing for 14 years and the coronavirus pandemic is like nothing she has ever experienced or expected,

She said: “In main theatre we’re pretty calm, but the other departments around about us you can see.

“I think the fundraising will help in the aftermath, once it’s all by, to get back to some normality.

“But if anything, all my colleagues including myself are very humbled and grateful for the support that we have received.

“We are just doing our jobs.”


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