AN AYRSHIRE couple due to wed in Sorn last week have become an online hit with their loving duet of pop song ‘Marry You’ after COVID-19 cancelled their wedding.

Kirsty Walker, 34, a music teacher from Prestwick and Jérémy Moby Levif, 29, a modern languages teacher from Lyon in France, were due to get married in Sorn Castle on April 11 but their wedding was sadly postponed due to COVID-19.

The musical couple did not let it dampen their spirits, though, as they took to their instruments to entertain guests with a cover of ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars, with Lockdown-inspired lyrics.

Kirsty said: “We made the decision to postpone the wedding ourselves when France closed its borders around a month before the UK did.

“It was more because of the family we have in France, Germany and Denmark. We didn’t want to have the day without them so we knew a month or two before that it wasn’t going ahead.

“We had a think about what to do so our guests wouldn’t be disappointed.

“We love music and play together sometimes. Jeremy gigs quite a lot in The Red Lion and Buzzworks Holdings so it was a fun way of saying, ‘we can’t spend the day with you but here’s why and just stay safe’.”

After a guest uploaded the video to social media, it soon went viral, and the couple of three years have been overwhelmed by the response.

Kirsty said: “Some brides got in touch to say it had teared them up but reassured them to see how upbeat we are even though we’re going through the same thing.

“We were thinking of funny ways we could change lyrics but we didn’t want it to diminish what COVID-19 means because it’s a horrific thing. It’s all about perspective.”

The couple also praised Sorn Castle for supporting them after their big day was cancelled.

They said: “Martin at Sorn Castle was amazing, so accommodating and supportive. It fills us with confidence to know we’ll have a great wedding whenever it happens. And the Bruno Mars song may feature in the ceremony!”


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