A Cumnock based fire engine manufacturer is doing all it can to help NHS workers by producing essential visors during the coronavirus crisis.

Emergency One Group Ltd in partnership with Cube Services has suspended production of fire appliances to focus on using its 3D printing facilities to produce visors for frontline workers at Crosshouse Hospital.

The firm is urging all businesses with access to 3D printers to get involved in the campaign.

In an online statement the firm said: “Whilst we believe that, in the short term at least, the production of new fire appliances may not be deemed an essential critical service, we all agree that supporting our NHS is.

“With that in mind, our engineers- in partnership with Cube Services- are running our suite of 3D Printers 24/7 to produce these essential visors, which we are donating to Crosshouse Hospital to support those who are truly on the frontline.

“We urge all businesses large and small, schools and colleges, and individuals with access to 3D printers to get involved and help our NHS.

"If you need any assistance or computer-aided design models etc, please don’t hesitate to contact us.”

To get in touch with the manufacturer call 01290 424200 or email: info@emergencyone.co.uk

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