Mauchline Young Farmer’s Club have been helping the vulnerable in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic

The 80-member strong club organises social activities for young farmers throughout the year, from cattle dressing to annual variety concerts.

But since the coronavirus outbreak, members have redirected their energy into helping the vulnerable, elderly and self-isolating of East Ayrshire in whatever capacity.

Club secretary Rachel Templeton, 22, revealed: “One member volunteered to drive a patient through to the Beatson to get their cancer treatment.

“We saw Ayrshire Cancer Support’s Facebook post looking for volunteers so our member offered to do that. She was previously at uni studying primary teaching.”

Mauchline YFC also wants to use this time to forge new friendships within the East Ayrshire community and to take the loneliness and solitude out of self-isolation.

Rachel said: “We want to reach out to older people so they can give us a phone even if they don’t know us. If they live themselves or in a couple, they’re only seeing at most one person a day, so we’re happy to sit and talk. I think sometimes people think they’re bothering you, but they’re not.”

Rachel balances club commitments with her work as a radiographer at Ayr Hospital.

She stresses that the club’s deeds are just as beneficial for members as they are for those they are helping.

She said: “Working in the NHS myself I see vulnerable patients every day. Sometimes you can tell you’re the only person they’ve spoken to all day so if these people aren’t coming to their appointments then they literally have no one.

“Farmers work to feed the nation so they’re key workers, too.

“They have a lot on stress and pressure on them at the best of times. For them the club is a relief so it’s hard for that to be taken away.

“We want to say that we’re here for people during this difficult time.”

If you require assistance at this time, you can contact Rachel on 0753378388 or via the club’s Facebook.

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