A MAUCHLINE nurse has revealed she has caught COVID-19.

Wilma Howat, a nurse on a high dependency ward, confirmed on social media that she and husband Johnnie were both infected with coronavirus and were self-isolating.

And she urged everyone to take health advice seriously and stop the spread.

Wilma wrote: “I have COVID-19. I didn’t know until last Thursday as I didn’t have typical symptoms. Luckily I have kept away from my usual gym and craft classes just in case.

“Now if I, a trained nurse, didn’t think I had the virus how many of you out there are going about your ‘normal’ activities thinking the same thing?

“Change your habits people, assume you have it or assume your friends have it whatever will keep you at home and reduce the risk of infection

“Both had what we thought was a head cold or allergies and a very mild cough.

“I was concerned about going back to work from my annual leave so phoned to see what I should do.

“As I didn’t have typical symptoms they were unsure but as I work in a High Dependency ward they thought I should be tested and here we are.

“Since making the phone calls I then developed a sore throat and lost my sense of smell/taste and have had a few headaches.

“I did have a tight chest in the beginning but I honestly thought it was anxiety related and hasn’t really been an issue the past few days so I think it was defo anxiety about the whole situation.

“Johnny has basically had the same symptoms but less loss of taste.

“No temp no aches and pains and no shortness of breath for either of us.

“Please stay home, you just don’t know.”