New Cumnock has pulled together amidst the coronavirus to help people who have been isolated.

New Cumnock Development Trust have gathered an army of 30 foot-soldiers who have taken to the streets to drop in leaflets asking residents if they need any help.

The Trust have praised the amazing community response who have reacted to the developing situation over the potentially lethal COVID-19.

With an ageing population within the town, they have ensured those most vulnerable will have support as they self-isolate.

Kind residents from teenagers to people working from home have offered help.

Tammy Borthwick of NCDT told the Chronicle: “In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to do something.

“People are socially distancing themselves and we live in quite an ageing community. We knew people would need help.

“But this isn’t about us. It’s been a community response. We have had 30 people come out to volunteer.”

Football club Glenafton Amateurs also got involved with their manager and players using their time away from sport to help.

Manager Steven Davidson told the Chronicle: “We noticed that NCDT were looking for volunteers on Facebook.

“Some of the players are off just now due to college and different reasons so they helped.

“We just blitzed the streets with leaflets.

“It is great to see everyone come together when the football is off.”

Tammy has been delighted to see the way the community has come together.

As well as leaflet drops, even some elderly residents who are self-isolating have put themselves forward, as NCDT wants to develop a ‘phone tree’ to tackle loneliness.

She added: “It’s been really nice to see, we had many people phoning and saying thank you for offering thanks for having it here.

“When things like this happen we always just pull together, it’s a credit to the village.

“We’ve got volunteers of all ages from teenagers to the elderly.

“They all want to be part of a phone tree, one call a day to see how someone is doing, and if there is anything they need.”