A CARE worker who faked references while suspended for swearing at a child who threatened to bite her has been struck off.

Janice McLaughlan was removed from the register for forging references after shouting “don’t you f***ing dare” to an aggressive child with highly complex needs who was threatening to headbutt and bite her.

While suspended after the incident at Spark of Genius, Mauchline, back in July 3 2017, she forged signatures of two staff members without their knowledge or permission on a job reference request from North Ayrshire Council on November 27 that year.

While they were sympathetic over swearing, the care watchdog found she had behaved dishonestly and removed her from the register after finding her fitness to practice impaired.

Hearing papers state the child displayed verbally and physically aggressive behaviour which led to staff having to put them in numerous holds throughout the day with McLaughlan coming on duty that evening after staff had phoned management for back up with none forthcoming.

After responding to the childs threats McLaughlan raised her forearm in a diagonal blocking motion across his chest to prevent him from head butting her.

A witness said they believed the action was a defensive one although she thought she should have walked away.

The young person was placed in the care of Spark of Genius where the Panel heard that the placement was not suitable with his needs too complex to be met by the [Care Service] facility - moved shortly after the incident in question.

The Scottish Social Services Council said: “The panel had no hesitation in finding that in shouting and swearing at a vulnerable young person in your care that your conduct fell below the standards expected.

“In placing your arm across AA’s chest, rather than walking away, your conduct could be said to have fallen below the standards expected. The panel were conscious that you had been provoked by AA and that the circumstances were extremely challenging, but you were caring for AA and the panel felt that you should have walked away rather than react to his behaviour. The panel thought the matter serious although not at the higher end of the scale but sufficient to constitute misconduct.

“Acting dishonestly is a serious breach of the code and the panel were concerned that you had a previous condition on your registration in 2014.

“Honesty is an important aspect of the profession and the panel were very concerned that despite you being aware of the code, you deliberately chose to write your own reference in an attempt to work for North Ayrshire Council in the social services sector, at a time when you were suspended from the Register.

"Whilst your conduct in allegation 1. amounted to misconduct, on its own, the Panel did not think the conduct was so serious that it would lead to your removal.

“The Panel considered that there was a pattern of behaviour, albeit different types of misconduct, ranging from the blurring of professional boundaries in 2014, the abuse of a vulnerable service user and dishonesty.

“The Panel took the view that your dishonesty, coupled with the other incidents constitutes a pattern of unacceptable behaviour.”