OCHILTREE youngsters are showing off their musical talents as part of an East Ayrshire project.

Each week pupils from across the school are displaying their ability on violins and other strong instruments.

The eager musicians have been learning from Strings teacher Mrs Kathleen Terras who have been teaching them skills and techniques to create their wonderful sound.

The lessons are all part of the East Ayrshire Strings Project, which started 10 years ago at Greenhill Primary.

Ochiltree pupils are part of 19 schools involved and 1,300 budding musicians who are getting involved.

And Ochiltree’s proud headteacher has hailed the inspiring music belted out through the school every Thursday

Fiona Black said: “It’s a wonderful experience for our children developing their confidence and achieving success. Walking through the hall and hearing the children play is truly inspirational.”

Our photographer Charlie Gilmour was there to capture all the action.