Cumnock BAND Small Seeds are making waves on the music scene following a series of UK gigs.

Scott Mitchell, Rey Wilson and brothers Chris Morrison and Sandy Morrison form the punk/rock band which began in January 2018 when Scott and Sandy reconnected at a punk gig and decided they could do better. They recruited their brother and friend to join the line-up and the rest is history.

The band split their time between recording original material in The Cave in Mauchline and in their family living room.The band released their first Spotify single ‘Rejected/Lock Yer Doors’ in 2019 which gained them international recognition.

Scott Mitchell, the band’s bassist, said: “We aren’t signed to a label, we do it all independently. We try our best to keep out of that side of things. It’s too much hassle getting other companies to take us on so we do our own thing.

“We got a lot of positive feedback from the Spotify single release. We got added to the Best of 2019 Italian Radio Station Punx Radio which was great. We’ve also had streams on Spotify as far away as Mexico and Australia.”

Small Seeds have performed in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee but credit Newcastle as bringing them great fortune. Playing a gig there, they were approached by culture magazine Eighth Day who wrote up a three-page spread on the band.

Scott said: “Last time we were in Newcastle we played with The Warriors who were big in the 80s but they’re still going. We were asked back this year to support them. We must be doing something right!”

The band also attribute the political influence in their music to growing up in Cumnock.

Scott said: “Me and Sandy grew up in Cumnock during the miners’ strike so we got the political side of the town. The two younger members Christopher and Rey are more politically motivated now with Scottish Independence. We try to limit the political aspect as much as we can but there are always a few political elements that stand out with punk.”

Small Seeds are due to bring out an EP which they hope will be followed by an album and tour. Until then, they have a few festivals coming up.

Scott said: “Unfortunately we had the chance to play Punktoberfest last year but we had to pull out. This year though we’ve been invited to Punk Farm which is for the bands, by the bands.”

Small Seeds play Punk Stuff in The Bungalow, Paisley on Friday, April 10 to raise funds for Erskine Hospital. More information can be found on their Facebook page.