A NUMBER of incidents including theft of copper have been reported at empty council houses in Catrine.

East Ayrshire Council have had to review their security following a chain of incidents which are concerning residents.

The Chronicle understands that thieves attempted to steal other scrap metal after “kicking in front doors”.

A source told that residents awoke to a hooded figure on the roof who was “ripping off the lead and making a hole to get in”.

The current situation has been described as “frightening” for neighbours.

The Chronicle got in touch with East Ayrshire Council who confirmed thefts and that they had reviewed security.

A spokesperson for East Ayrshire Council said: “Unfortunately, there has been theft of copper from some properties.

“Security was fitted by our providers and this has been reviewed and increased given the recent incidents.”

The homes on St Cuthbert’s Street is currently part of a Housing Asset Management Framework, where residents have the option to buy back their council house, or buy land with a view to obtaining vacant possession.

Some residents who chose not buy their council house have been relocated, with more due to be rehoused, whilst homes are up for grabs from private owners.

Bob McCulloch, Acting head of Housing and Community said: “Where unanimous agreement couldn’t be reached with owners, the next stage involved relocating council tenants and approaching private owners to either buy back their homes or enter into an excambion with a view to obtaining vacant possession.

“The break-ins occurred last week and we understand that the police were in attendance and we await further details from them on this matter.”