A CONCERNED pet owner has shared shocking images of her dog in a desperate bid to save other animals.

Laura Jenkins, 20, was horrified when her dog almost died after wolfing down hundreds of garden stones leaving ‘a melon sized lump’ in his stomach.

Now she is raising awareness by sharing pictures of his surgery which saw surgeons pull more than 200 stones from his belly.

Laura is hoping the gruesome pictures will remind others to keep a close eye on their pets to make sure it doesn’t happen to others.

Buzz the one-year-old English Springer Spaniel is expected to make a full recovery now.

Owner Laura says the horror incident cost her thousands of pounds at an East Ayrshire vets.

She raised the alarm after feeling the enormous bulge ‘grinding in her pets stomach’ and sprung into action.

She rushed him to Vets Now in Kilmarnock who performed life saving surgery - but were not shocked by Buzz’s actions.

They said although this was an extreme example it wasn’t ‘unusual’ for some dogs to eat whatever they can.

A shocking X-Ray then showed the stones clumped together in his stomach putting pressure on the poor pooch.

During the operation surgeons cut through his stomach and intestines. Buzz needed methadone - a heroin substitute - for pain relief.

Now thankfully the cheeky pooch is on the mend and hopefully will be sticking to dog biscuits for a light snack.

Laura said: “On January 21 I noticed that buzz had passed stones but also bringing them up.

“I felt his stomach, and felt stones grinding together.

“Please don’t let your dogs play with stones.

“After some crazy stressful days, Buzz is back home with his wee family.

“The daft dog ate 215 stones over a period of time, which I never realised he was doing.

“Emergency surgery, loads of jags and pills and he’s hopefully on the mend.”

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