WOMEN in Cumnock who want to dress in designer clothes but maybe can’t afford it are in luck.

Game-changing clothes hire start up Social Style is offering customer rewards in a bid to raise £9,500 to help leverage further investment, so the service can launch this summer.

Social Style is launching a crowdfunded money to buy to high quality clothes which customers will be able to hire online for a month at a time, swap out for new stuff at the end of the month with free delivery & returns - and they’ll take care of the laundry.

Naomi Ross, Social Style founder, said “Everyone should have the right to affordable, high quality clothes - luxury shouldn’t just be reserved for those who can afford it. And with Cumnock being so rural, residents are disadvantaged when it comes to accessing high quality pre-owned clothes. Our online UK wide service means no more travelling for pre-owned clothes - instead, Social Style does all the hard work. Our customers choose what they want from the comfort of their home and it’s shipped straight to their door! Accessibility and equality, along with reducing our collective carbon footprint, is why I’m launching this service, and I’m really excited to be able to deliver it to the people of Cumnock.”

Christine Dent, one of the first crowdfund pledgers, said: “This is exactly what we need - to easily access sustainable clothing without having to endlessly buy, store and look after clothes.

“Helping us make better choices without missing out on the fun of wearing different styles.”