A RETIRED school teacher has been crowned Cumnock’s Citizen of the year.

Marion Wyllie, scooped the title for all her hard work in the community.

Following receipt of an excellent number of nominations which all contained a very high level of content the Keir McTurk Committee finally decided that Miss Wyllie from Lugar should be recognised for her amazing attitude.

Marion told the Chronicle of her shock when a member from the committee came to her door to tell her of the news.

She said: “When he came to the door, I thought he was there to book the church hall, but then he mentioned citizen of the year.

“It’s an absolute honour, it takes a wee while for it to sink in.

“There’s other great people in this community who are deserving of it. I’ve had a lot of people who support me in my organisation to allow to us to do what we do. My family are a big help, I stay with my sister who helps me too.

“It’s a huge highlight for me after spending my full life in Lugar, it’s an absolute pleasure and a bit of a shock.”

Marion is a retired Primary School teacher who is Treasurer of Lugar Parish Church and Presbytery Elder. She also looks after the Church grounds, heating and cleaning.

She is also the organiser for the Life Church Magazine and played a major part in the repairs of the Church roof.

She is currently very actively involved in attempts to set up a Heritage Centre at the rear of the Church.

Marion also organises a monthly Lunch Club in Logan Community Church Hall.

Now she hopes as Citizen of the year she can continue her work on Lugar Parish Church, which is steeped in history

She added: “We are looking for grants for a heritage centre at Lugar Church. The church has a lot of history behind it, its been there for 150 years – we are trying to get grant money for that. The local history group have been helping us and the local school have. The church will be there as place for people to visit.

The Keir McTurk Comittee said: “Like many citizens in our community Marion likes to go about all her activities in a very quiet and efficient manner behind the scenes and who is without doubt a very worthy Citizen of the Year for 2019.

“The Committee would like to express their appreciation to everyone who took time to submit a nomination and would encourage those whose nominations were unsuccessful on this occasion to make a further nomination next year.”

There will be a presentation evening at Dumfries House to give Marion the worthy award.