Wedding marquees at a fairy-tale castle should be removed, heritage experts claim.

The marquee at Sorn Castle has been described as “distracting” and “incongruous” by Historic Environment Scotland.

The popular wedding marquee hosts many lavish events but the Castle’s estate team are now looking for an alternative site to erect the canopy after concerns were raised about its location.

Architects working on the site said: “The hosting of bespoke events is a key part of the business operation at Sorn Castle and provides around 30 per cent of the estate income which is reinvested into the maintenance of the castle and grounds.”

A supporting planning statement lodged with East Ayrshire Council said various locations are being considered by Sorn Castle to get a design “appropriate to this unique setting.”

It said: “The long-term intention is to provide a more permanent events pavilion to replace the existing marquee.”

The marquee can hold 200 guests but most events are attended by about 70 people according to Sorn Castle’s planning supporting information.

Historic Environment Scotland did not object to the marquee but criticised its location. In a letter to the council, the public body said: “It is not only over-dominant, incongruous, and distracting within the immediate vicinity of A-listed Sorn Castle, but also highly prominent when looking into the estate from the surrounding elevated countryside.

“Any permission should therefore be on the understanding that within the timeframe of a consent the marquee is removed, and the croquet lawn returned to its original appearance.”

East Ayrshire Council has not yet reached a decision on the future of the marquee.