An AUCHINLECK carer was slapped with a warning for dishonest conduct during her work.

Christine Hand was given a warning by the regulator after they found she had lied about showering two residents and falsifying documents while employed as a senior care assistant by Countrywide Care Homes Limited.

The Scottish Social Services Council [SSSC] found that Hand falsified the personal hygiene care records of two residents on or around November 5 2018 by ticking that she had showered them when she had not.

She was then found to have forged another colleague’s initials to signify that he had helped shower the residents.

They also found that she then told two colleagues she had showered both residents when this was not the case.

The SSSC said: “Social service workers must be truthful, open, honest and trustworthy. They are expected to maintain clear, accurate and up to date records in line with their work procedures. Social service workers are also expected to create and maintain the trust and confidence of people who use services, and colleagues, and uphold public trust and confidence in social services.

“Dishonesty is at the higher end of the scale of seriousness. By falsifying documents you have not been accountable for the quality of your work as you have not maintained accurate records. It also demonstrates dishonesty and could impact on public trust and confidence in social services. Failing to accurately complete personal hygiene sheets could result in a resident not receiving the care they required and put the resident at risk of harm.

“By telling your colleagues that you showered residents when you had not, you have also been dishonest and have brought your suitability to work in social services into question. It is important that social service workers trust colleagues to be open and honest and a failure to do so could result in a breakdown of working relationships this could have an impact on the care given to service users.

“A warning should be imposed for public protection, service users were placed at risk of harm and a sanction is necessary. A warning is also necessary for the public interest in this case.

“Your behaviour is likely to impact on the trust and confidence that members of the public have in registered workers. The public expect social service workers to be honest and would expect a sanction to be imposed to mark the behaviour as unacceptable.”