AN OCHILTREE dad is bringing farming into the future to ‘save the planet’.

David Morton is launching a ‘manless’ shop run by vending machines which will supply local food and drink.

The 48-year-old is also selling specially pasteurised milk in glass bottles so shoppers can re-use them for life.

The sweet milk produced on his farm is promising to take residents on a trip down memory lane with many saying ‘it tastes how milk was when they were young’.

Dad of two, David, said the family business was inspired after he wanted his community to shop locally while looking after the planet.

The vending machines will offer home grown veg and milk that can be accessed through a computerised screen at the shop.

He said: “I’ve started a wee farm shop which will eventually be manless so it is run by food vending machines.

“They will have yogurts, potatoes, and veg as well as some home baking.

“The idea is that you go in and activate the screen, have a wee flick to see whatever produce you want, and then folk can take what they want.

“I was inspired to have the milk available because the guys that come up in the morning to help us out had it at breakfast and couldn’t believe the taste.

“They liked it so much so I got funding for the project and that let me go forward with it to let other people try it.

“We do it the old fashioned way so the fat isn’t battered out.

“It’s pasteurised at 63 degrees for half an hour keeps flavour and sweetness in the milk.

“The older generation say they remember it tasting how it did when they were younger.

“But we still have semi-skimmed stuff as well though so it can fit into everyone’s diet.

“We sell it in glass bottles because I want to just save the planet, people can bring it back constantly they just need to wash it out at home.”

“It is just about providing stuff locally and doing our part.”