A CUMNOCK Housing Association are prepared to save lives with their new defibrillator.

Staff at Shire Housing are ready to act fast in an emergency if someone either in the office or in the local area suffers a cardiac arrest.

First aider Steve Bruce was inspired by a training course last October and suggested that the life-saving equipment should have a home in the office.

The 34-year-old hopes he never has to use it but knows how crucial the device could be increasing someone’s chance of survival.

He told the Chronicle: “I went on a training course late year, with Nicola the other first aider. Part of the course was using the defibrillator, so we started talking about getting one in the office.

“It came out of the health and safety budget, but it felt like money well spent if we ever need to use it.

“As a first aider it makes me more prepared, but anyone can use them – they are so straight forward to use. All you must do is open it up and follow the instructions.”

The defibrillator will be in the housing association’s Netherthird base which is visited to by residents from across East Ayrshire.

But Steve is hoping the equipment will serve anyone in the community in the nearby pub or workers in the industrial estate.

He said: “We put on social media to let everyone know it was here, we want people to know that we have it so if something was to happen nearby they know they can come to us for help.”

The defibrillator becomes the second in Netherthird with the community centre having one installed at the NCafe in 2018.

Steve added: “Being able to deliver first aid at work or in life is really useful, you never know when something could happen. It’s a great skill that more people should have.”