A FORMER football star will host a special event to help people tackle mental mental problems.

Ex-Rangers and Kilmarnock hero Kirs Boyd is hosting his ‘Mental Health = Mental Strength’ event on Tuesday, February 18 at St John Church community hall.

Joining Kris Boyd will be an Ayrshire hypnotherapist Kevin Mullin - whose therapies help people overcome anxiety.

Kevin who used to spend his time as a soldier in dangerous warzones teamed up with the Kris Boyd charity after both he Kris’ brothers tragically took their own lives following a battle with depression.

He was once in charge of security at a key Taliban target and will be helping to teach event guests the actions that they can use with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and how this can help them deal with all things mental health.

The dad-of-three hopes to empower people who are attending the event that they can ‘change their lives’.

Kevin said: “Because I talk about unconventional subjects like suicide and mental health - the big issues that people are scared to talk about - someone put me in touch with Kris Boyd. Most people will know that Kris’ brother and my brother suffered the same fate.

“I hope to show those attending the event that they can change their lives – and at a much faster speed by using Anxiety HIT rather than having to spend years in therapy.”