Tesco in Auchinleck will replace plastic-wrapped multipacks with plastic-free multibuys on tinned food.

This will eliminate 350 tonnes of plastic from the environment. Customers still get the same ‘multipack’ value, just without plastic.

Today, Tesco has announced it will become the first UK retailer to remove plastic-wrapped multipacks from all Tesco stores and replace them with plastic-free multibuys. This will see 67 million pieces of plastic eliminated.

Tins will be available individually, with no plastic wrap holding them together any more. They’ll still be eligible for multibuy deals, representing the same good value for customers. It is estimated some 183,000 tinned multipacks are bought every day at Tesco.

More than 40 per cent of Tesco customers include multipacks in their shop. Multipacks of baked beans, tuna, tinned tomatoes and soup are among the most frequently-bought grocery items in the UK.

The change applies to both Tesco own brand products and branded products, like Heinz Beanz. It will help more than eight million households in the UK reduce the plastic they use.