EAST Ayrshire Council supports a ban on nuclear weapons.

The local authority has voted to back calls by Scottish CND to take a stand against the war machines.

Politicians supported the stance to cancel the replacement of Trident at its most recent council meeting at head quarters in Kilmarnock.

Two resolutions were passed against nuclear weapons at the December meeting.

One resolution said: “Council declares its support for the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, a historic treaty which once ratified will result in the complete prohibition of developing, testing and using nuclear weapons.

“Council recognises the necessity of creating a nuclear weapons-free world and as such opposes the United Kingdom government’s refusal to sign or ratify the landmark treaty.”

The council also calls on Westminster “to work for a nuclear weapons free world by signing and ratifying” the treaty.

In addition, councillors agreed that East Ayrshire Council chief executive Fiona Lees must write to the convener of the Strathclyde Pension Fund following revelations it has shares in 18 companies undertaking nuclear weapons related work.

The resolution stated: “Council calls on the Strathclyde Pension Fund to work towards eliminating future financial exposure to companies that are involved in the production or maintenance of nuclear weapons…”

Sixteen councillors voted to pass the anti-nuclear resolutions while nine elected members were against it.