A MINDLESS yob dumped an entire toilet - leaving Ochiltree community furious.

Residents were left baffled when the loo was left out in the open after being fly tipped by a selfish litter bug.

The lavy sent the village wild as they were expected to clean up the mess after the individual decided to leave it behind them.

One man who stumbled across the bog said: "This makes my blood boil..walking the dog this morning and this is dumped halfway out the high road in the ditch "Not saying it was anyone from the village but someone might have paid for it to be uplifted and its landed in here.. It would have been just as easy taking it tae the coup as going to the bother of maybe getting caught dumping illegally..it costs nothing to use the facility at the coup."

Other residents were also furious at the ridiculous mess.

One said:"Hard to believe"

Another added: "Ridiculous. The dog poo was bad on the walk to school today. Usual bit from bus stop and down the hill.

Others commented: "Got to be covered in DNA."

Someone else said: "Total and utter laziness so that is."

While others replied: "Ignorant lazy person who done this no respect for anything or anyone."

Good Samaritans dealt with the loo away and dumped it themselves to keep their community tidy.