PEOPLE travelled from all over Ayrshire to see a house covered in Christmas lights and donate to a good cause.

Alex and Jackie Weir’s home on Holmburn Road, Netherthird, attracted visitors from Irvine and Greenock.

The couple have managed to raise £760 which they presented to Netherthird Nursery School on Friday, January 3.

Alex told the Chronicle: “We’ve raised almost double what we had last year.

“This is the 18th year and it’s the biggest I can do.

“On the first night there was 180 children, everyone got a selection box and I dressed up as Santa. The charity box got £250 in that one night.”

The cheque was received by Clair Jones and Emma Murdoch from Netherthird Nursery School.

The school is to be knocked down and a brand new replacement is due this year.

Alex hopes the money can be used to buy things the nursery needs