AN AYRSHIRE MP has mocked Boris Johnson saying ‘get it up ye’ in Westminster over Brexit Deal.

SNP Alan Brown criticised the Conservatives and slammed and ‘summed up’ their ‘crash course’ into selling Brexit to the public.

Taking to social media the politician posted the video which raked in thousands of views and hundreds of likes on twitter.

Alan Brown said: “It is ironic that the Conservatives are now saying, ‘You should have voted for our crap deal, but now we’ve made the deal even crappier, so get it up ye’.

“Does that not sum it right up?”

Perthshire MP Pete Wishart stepped in after Mr Brown’s hilarious outburst agreeing: “My Honourable Friend has a very delicate use of phrase, and I have to say that nothing could be put more elegantly than that. 
“That is well understood from this side of the House.”

Cumnock Chronicle:

Mr Wishart had been claiming it was ‘rich blaming a useless Labour party for sinking that last Brexit deal’ before Mr Brown made his controversial point.

On twitter people were quick to share their thoughts on the exchange.

One user said: “Awesome use of descriptive Scottish language.”

Another added: “Excellent point well put.”

Someone else said: “Straight to the point, can’t argue with that.”

But not everyone agreed as some replied: “Oh dear, why am I so embarrassed to be Scottish? Suspend him until he learns expected behaviour and language.”

Another said: “Not sure I follow.  How do those comments hurt the tories?”

See the video here.