AN INSPIRING couple dedicated their Christmas to make sure no one was left with nowhere to go.

Hendrika Psaila, 38, and Ian Psaila, 45, organised a selfless festive meal for people in the Ochiltree community who were alone.

Now they are thanking helpful peopl e wh o donated to their cause to make sure they coul d coo k up a delicious feast.

They said: “Drinks were donated by Nick Papamalis and Jamie Chidwick. Mince pies, shortbread , tea an d coffee were donate d by Ian McDonal d and Ochiltree P1 mothers. Some monies were also donated, £50 came from Malta and £60 from in and around Ochiltree.

"This money was not used and donated to the Church of Scotland to be used within th e community.

“It was a blast of a day and it took a lot of cooking to get it right.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“Regarding the Christmas lunch our new friend s that were there enjoyed themselves and ate well. None of the food was wasted ,some of the individuals took doggie bags.

“The left-over mince pies an d shortbread were take n to A&E Ayr hospital for the staff that were working over the holiday season .

“We will b e following the loneliness problem in the coming year and we will be doing our best to meet some of these people, most of the time all that’s needed is a cup of tea and a chat .

“We would like to thank some people that helped us getting the message out there. Most of all Ian Watt Haulage and Russel Shaw that donated the Turkey.

"Tesco in Kilmarnock donated the beef and some of the veg.

"There were many kind individuals in Ochiltree that donated veg.”