AN AUCHINLECK mental health support group has released a new video urging people of all ages to chat it out.

Release, a volunteer network who can be reached through Facebook to allow men to talk about thei r mental health launched their powerful short film in a bid to show how anyone can be impacted.

The video demonstrates four male individuals one who is a child, one who is a teen, one who is an adult and one who is an elderly man.

In each segment the volunteer actors voices read out a script depicting the kind of mental health issues that someone can face at each stage of their life.

The teen expresses stress over exams at school and pressure to have a girlfriend, whilst the middle aged adult talks about the crippling anxiety of paying bills - and the elderly man of how he lost his wife and is now left feeling isolated.

Robbie Muir, 30 who started Release after noticing a rise in suicides in Cumnock and Doon Valley area hopes the video will help showcase that mental health can affect people no matter what age.

He told the Chronicle: “It’s four scenarios that portray that it’s different age groups that can be affected. They are all issues that we have come along, I set this up as a platform to encourage guys to talk, we’ve had training and we’re learning more as we go, talking to different organisations it’s certainly expanded.”

Robbie was assisted to put the hard hitting video together by a creative designer Natasha Roberts who did the graphics on the piece for free.

See the video here.