A STUNNING new memorial has been unveiled at Ayrshire Hospice, so families can remember loved ones.

The Hospice last week revealed their Celebration Tree which is a ‘unique’ way to pay tribute to someone by having a message specially engraved on a leaf.

The golden tree which is now proudly displayed at the main entrance where families can see their lasting tributes to loved ones on hundreds of leaves, where the heartfelt messages can be added.

Designed by artist Claudia Ashley-Brown, the trees bespoke design was inspired by staff, who also helped to design and build the wall mounted sculpture.

Steve Brown, Hospice Chaplin hopes the tree will provide a ‘lasting tribute to their memory’ and a ‘positive way’ for families to remember a loved one.

He said: “Losing a loved one can be incredibly difficult and dedicating a lasting tribute to their memory can be a positive move.

“Our Celebration Tree is a way to celebrate life and the memory of a loved one while also raising vital funds for the hospice.

“The tree is a positive way for families to pay tribute to their loved ones and remember special memories with them.

“Being situated just at the main entrance to the hospice means that our supporters can visit at any time to see their leaf and spend a little time reflecting on those special memories.”

The Celebration Tree was officially opened by one of the hospice’s first fundraisers, Isobel Lovie, who has been raising money since 1983.

Isobel helped establish the Ladies Lunch Club which still runs weekly today in South and North Ayrshire.

Artist Claudia Ashley Brown has praised the staff at the hospice and said the project was a ‘worthwhile’ experience, she said: “I greatly enjoy working on bespoke designs in collaboration with hospices and charities so that they feel part of the process, working together for something positive and life affirming.

“Being able to help Ayrshire Hospice, and help people remember and celebrate lives and loved ones in a beautiful way, especially as I lost my mother in my local hospice this year, was a special and a worthwhile experience.”

Anyone interested in dedicating a leaf on the Celebration Tree to a loved one can find out more on the Ayrshire Hospice website or by contacting our fundraising team on 01292 288488 or email fundraising@ayrshirehospice.co.uk