A BRAVE little schoolgirl from Cumnock had her Christmas dream come true - after getting plastic surgery.

Laila McLatchie was begging Santa to remove her facial birthmark after vile bullies branded her ‘ugly’.

The four-year-old was desperate to get rid of the haemangioma which had made her insecure since birth.

Doctors promised to remove the ‘lump’ by the time she was four but the schoolgirl was heartbroken to be put on another waiting list for two more years.

But her mum Laura McLatchie, 33, was determined to put an end to her childs suffering by raising money in the community for the cosmetic surgery.

Now a festive miracle has happened in Cumnock as residents rallied round the Laila to make her dreams come true.

A whopping £1,996 was raised and the schoolgirl was able to have the birthmark removed in time for Christmas.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Despite being left with a scar and black eye, little Laila is ‘over the moon’ to get rid of her insecurity.

After the cosmetic operation she thought doctors had replaced her birthmark with a plaster, but was stunned when it came off to show it had been removed.

Mum Laura was left with a lump in her throat after seeing two school buses of children all desperate to give Laila a high five for her new look.

Haemangiom as can be superficial or deep. Some haemangiomas are a combination of the superficial and deep kinds, with a raised, red are a on the surface of the skin , and a bluish swelling of abnormal blood vessel s deeper in the skin.

The cause of haemangiomas is not fully known, but there is evidence to suggest that a proportion may arise from placental tissue very early in pregnancy.

It left Laila struggling to make friends and feeling like everyone was ‘pointing and laughing’ at her.

The youngster became extremely insecure and withdrawn often asking her mum why can’t she just be ‘normal’ and look like her sister.

Cumnock Chronicle:

But now she is feeling more confident and is excited for the future Laura said: “Laila is over the moon to have it off and is doing really well.

“She thought the doctor has replaced her birthmark with a plaster but was excited when that came off.

“She went back to school on Monday and the buses we normally drop her off at had loads of children coming off giving her a high fives it was really nice.

“She is really happy and has no pain. I feel a lot better and we are really looking forward to Christmas now and moving into the New Year.”