FLEAS, rats and flies are amongst pests that have infested council-run buildings, a Freedom of Information request has shown.

There have been 165 cases in East Ayrshire since November 2017.

Cumnock Academy, Drongan Primary, Loudoun Academy and Ochiltree Primary all suffered rat problems.

Fleas infested Auchinleck Academy twice last year.

Mice, flies, wasps, silverfish and ants also plagued staff, visitors and pupils.

A spokesperson for East Ayrshire Council said: “With all our enquiries we categorise pest control requests into high or low priority - high priority pests include rats, wasps and bees, low priority pests include mice, flies, ants etc. Further priority is given to premises where children and or vulnerable adults are present.

“Any reports of pests within council premises are taken seriously.

"Regular inspections and procedures aimed at prevention are in place, and where necessary we aim to report and respond to the first signs of any pest activity.

"Individual premises managers in locations and across the council’s catering services have the responsibility to ensure action is taken quickly to resolve any issues.

“High priority complaints have a two day response target, low priority have a five day response target. In the vast majority of cases visits are made well within these target times.

“The number of service requests received for council premises represents only a very small percentage of overall requests received by our Environmental Health Service for pest control work.

“They are not at a level which would give us any cause for concern.”