THE mystery surrounding an old wedding photograph may been solved - but the case isn’t fully closed yet.

We asked for your help uncovering a old snap which showed a vintage wedding in Cumnock.

After a long search the daughter of the beautiful bride got in touch, but with bittersweet news.

Andrea Lawson was delighted to see the snap of her mother on the wedding day, but also told us how her mum is sadly passed away recently.

Now we want to reunite Andrea with the original photo and any others that might be out there as a treasured keep sake.

Janet Clegg who was 93 was been unveiled as the stunning bride in the glass negative.

After marrying the ‘love of her life’ Andrew Clark Whiteford that day they went on to have a ‘very good life’.

The couple were very happy together before he tragically passed away in the 1970’s after working in the pits.

Janet stayed single unable to fall in love with anyone quite like Andrew.

Her daughter, Andrea, was left overwhelmed when spotting the picture in the paper and is desperate to get her hands on the original class negative - along with any other unseen pictures.

She is hoping the pictures and stories of her mother that she didn’t know existed till now, will help her feel closer to her mother who is slipping away.

She said: “It was a picture of my mum before she was married.

“We live down in England now but I was sent the paper down, I had never seen that picture before.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“I got emotional, it is a great photograph and if anyone has anymore I would love to see it.

“My mums older now and in care, sadly she’s losing her sight and has dementia.

“She is 93 now and has had a good life, she married the love of her life that day.”