A FOUR-YEAR-OLD Cumnock girls dream of cosmetic surgery is set to come true before Christmas.

Laila McLatchie wrote to Father Christmas asking for surgery to remove a facial birthmark after being branded as ‘ugly’ by ville bullies .

But now the youngster is at last booked in for surgery to remove her insecurity after being 'stared at, pointed out, and laughed at’ as some classmates refuse to play with her.

It comes after heartbroken mum Laura was determined to make her wish come true and raise enough funds to go private for the surgery, which is more than £3,000.

Laura, 33 said her daughter is no w thrilled an d can’t wait for Christmas she said : “We are booked in for December so what we have now is all we need.

“After consultation he gave us a price of £2600 which we have so we are good to go .

“This includes post op and after care.

Cumnock Chronicle:

“That’ s what she’s asking for from Santa.

”NHS doctors had previously promised to remove the birthmark - which is known as a haemangiom a - before she was five, but were forced to put her on another waiting list for two more years.

But Laura was determined to get the surgery as soon as possible by going private to stop the bullying.

She says Laila has become insecure an withdrawn often asking her mum why can’t she just be ‘normal’ and look like her sister.

She said: “People point and laugh at her saying she’s ugly. It’s really bothering her.

She feels she needs to explain what it is to everyone because no one wan s to play with her, ”

A haemangiom a is a collection of smal l blood vessels that form a lump under the skin.

Haemangiomas can be superficial or deep.

Some haemangiomas are a combination of the superficial and deep kinds, with a raised , red area on the surface of the skin, and a bluish swelling of abnormal blood vessels deeper in the skin.

The cause of haemangiomas is not fully known.