DRONGAN primary school has made big improvements according to Scotland’s education bosses.

Education Scotland visited the campus and found staff had made “good progress” since their last inspection.

It comes after the original visit in 2018 found there was a need to “address the inconsistencies in children’s learning through developing a shared understanding of the features of high quality learning and teaching”.

But now in 2019 they found the school had taken steps to combat these issues.

They praised the recently appointed headteacher for providing clear leadership and direction throughout the school.

The investigation also found staff, parents and partners speak positively about a changing culture with people feeling more involved in the life of the school.

The report said: “The school is making good progress in taking forward a number of the points for action identified in the original inspection visit.

“School staff now need time to evaluate the impact of these changes to ensure outcomes for children are continuing to improve.

“As part oftheir ongoing support, officers from East Ayrshire Council will review and report on progress before the end of the current school year.

“A member of HMI will join the review team.

“This report will inform Education Scotland’s decision regarding further engagement.

“When such a decision is made, we will write to the school again detailing the improvements the school has made and outlining any further action, agreed with East Ayrshire Council that we intend to take.”