AN autistic school in Catrine is ‘improving young people’s confidence’.

Daldorch House facility was given a glowing report by Education Scotland who inspected the premises.

They highlighted how well staff work with pupils by regularly praising them and encouraging them to participate in learning.

Education bosses were also left impressed by the “compassionate relationships between staff and young people”.

The report outlined “young people’s progress in improving their wellbeing”.

It said pupils are supported by staff and partners, young people are successfully learning outdoors, participating in community events and developing their independence.

They let the school know they could still improve on some areas however, including developing the curriculum and approaches to tracking young people’s progress in line with national guidance.

It was also pointed out that the school should take action to address staffing issues to ensure that all activities for young people take place, as planned.

This included helping young people to feel valued, respected and included.

The report said: “Key strengths of the school include the caring culture across the school and houses.

Staff regularly praise young people, give them positive feedback and celebrate their successes.

“This is improving young people’s confidence and supporting them to re-engage in learning.

“Areas for improvement were identified and discussed with the headteacher and a representative from with the principal and representatives from the National Autistic Society.

“[They should] continue to develop approaches to involve staff, parents, partners and young people more fully in identifying school improvement priorities. This will empower the school community to influence and take forward change and improvements.”

“Education Scotland is confident that the school has the capacity to continue to improve and so will make no more visits.

“The Care Inspectorate will return in 2019/20 for a followup inspection.”