A FURIOUS farmer has shared distressing images of sheep after they were mauled by a blood thirsty dog.

The incident happened in New Cumnock as the beast sunk its teeth into the vulnerable animals.

Now the farmer has shared the horror reality of sheep worrying in a desperate bid to make others see fatal consequences.

One tragic animal had his face half ripped off while another had it’s belly savagely attacked.

Alasdair Boswell who works on the farm said: “Someone’s dog or dogs have been out and about on Wee Dalhanna at some point between Saturday morning and this morning.

“Two sheep were killed and a third had to be destroyed due to her injuries.

Another two badly injured and three with less serious wounds.

“Not to mention the stress the rest must have been under at an important time of the year.

“Please please make sure you know where your dogs are and that they’re under control at all times.”