A HEARTBROKEN son who recently lost his mum fears she was struck by the same ‘curse’ that caused the sudden deaths of his aunt and gran.

Blair Wilson, 20, has been left devastated after losing his mum Tracey Dollard earlier this month. Blair is further tormented with the knowledge that the 40-year-old lay dead at home with the TV and lights on for four days before being discovered.

In another cruel twist the mother and son had only recently reunited after being estranged for 10 years.

Blair was excited for their first Christmas as a family after a decade apart, when Tracey suddenly dropped dead at her home in Dalmellington.

It comes after both her mum, Collete Brannon, 49, and sister, Hayley Dollard, 41, both died suddenly of a heart attack.

They had both been healthy before suffering fatal heart attacks out of the blue in their 40’s - and now Blair is fears his mum has met the same fate.

Blair said: “We are just trying to cope now it was such a shock.

“My mum thought it would happen to her as well but just took it on the chin and took each day as it came. But she at least thought she would have seen this Christmas.

“This was supposed to be our first one together in years, I’m heartbroken.”

Blair says he is haunted that his mum lay undiscovered for so long. He said: “When she never came up at the weekend I got the police to check in and we started to fear the worst.

“I was out in the field with my dog when I saw the police come over to me and that’s when I knew.

“I’m devastated because she was up there on her own.

“She was lying there and none of us had a clue and no one checked on her.”

Blair grew up with his grandparents and lived with them from the age of 10 as Tracey struggled to look after him and they sadly drifted apart.

They had finally got back into each others lives only for it to be destroyed by ‘the health curse’ just months later.

Now the student’ is trying to pay for her funeral as she had no life insurance and left no money behind.

He desperately wants to make sure his mum can be reunited with his gran by burying them together.

But Blair says he only has enough money to cremate her - a prospect that always terrified Tracey.

Blair said: “We need about £3,000 but whatever donations we get would be appreciated.

“A lady even came to the door the other day out the kindness of her heart offered to pay for the tea for after the funeral.”

Tia Terry, Blair’s fiancee, said: “She was scared of being cremated we don’t know why it was just a big fear of hers, she always wanted to be put with her mum as it hit her very hard when she died because she always thought she should’ve had more time with her mum.

“My fiancée is heartbroken, they hadn’t had contact in a while and just got close again but now all this has happened.

“She was totally fine before that it just happened out of nowhere.

“Now we are just trying to get some money together to pay for the funeral.”

Tracey was also mum to Fern Colins, 16, and Corrie Wilson, 22, who miss her deeply and wish they could spend Christmas with her.

Corrie said: "Me and fern had been looking forward to spending Christmas with our mum as we didn’t see much or hear much from her for years.

"We all love her millions and she’s our angel and we hope we do her proud."