A FOUR-YEAR-OLD Cumnock girls has asked Santa for plastic surgery for Christmas after vile bullies branded her ‘ugly’.

Laila McLatchie has wrtten to Father Christmas asking for cosmetic surgery to remove a birthmark from her face after being tormented by both ‘adults and children who stare, point, and laugh’ and refuse to play with her.

Now her heartbroken mum Laura is determined to make her wish come true and raise enough funds to go private for the surgery, which is more than £3,000.

Laura, 33, says the fundraising campaign for Laila is almost at target but she is desperate to make her daughter’s Christmas wish come true.

She said: “That’s what she’s asking for from Santa so really going to push and push to get it off in time, if we don’t get the target by then I will sell parts of my business if I have to.”

NHS doctors had previously promised to remove the birthmark - which is known as a haemangioma - before she was five, but were forced to put her on another waiting list for two more years.

Laura is determined to get the surgery as soon as possible by going private to stop the bullying.

She says Laila has become insecure and withdrawn often asking her mum why can’t she just be ‘normal’ and look like her sister.

She said: “People point and laugh at her saying she’s ugly. It’s really bothering her. She feels she needs to explain what it is to everyone because no one wants to play with her,”

A haemangioma is a collection of small blood vessels that form a lump under the skin.

Haemangiomas can be superficial or deep. Some haemangiomas are a combination of the superficial and deep kinds, with a raised, red area on the surface of the skin, and a bluish swelling of abnormal blood vessels deeper in the skin.

The cause of haemangiomas is not fully known, but there is evidence to suggest that a proportion may arise from placental tissue very early in pregnancy.

Laura’s fundraiser has raised £1,996 in donations with more people contributing towards little Laila’s cause which means she may soon get to live without it.

Laura said: “We had a few charity events and raised £400 just from bingo.

“We also had a charity football match and that raised £650.

“The boys on the football team got their legs waxed as well and that got support from their families.

“Everyone has been absolutely brilliant, I’m confident we can hopefully get it off before Christmas.

“When we did the charity events Lalia didn’t want to get in the pictures she was too self conscious, we told her what it was all for though and that coaxed her a bit.

“Everyone has rallied round cant believe how much support she got from all over East Ayrshire.”

Visit www.gofundme.com/f/birthmark-removal-through-private-health-care