AS we entered the Haunted Forest at Kelburn Country Park, there was an air of something sinister.

Zombies, demons and a spooky eeriness proved this to be correct as the battle commenced to retrieve the vaccine and save humanity from the undead and their disease.

Described as a ‘chaotic mess’ and as darkness fell over the zone where infection was rife, it was clear that only the brave could survive ‘Quarantine’ and make it out alive.

Having to weave, run, duck and squeeze around the various obstacles, avoid anyone lurking in the trees and ensure that nobody was left behind to succumb to the deadly virus.

As a Hallowe’en experience, the actors who led you on your journey were fantastic and ensured that you remained on your toes at all times and with someone always hiding somewhere in the darkness, the group felt on edge and with a real purpose of saving humanity.

You never knew what you would come up against next, would it be a doctor with the precious vaccine, an army operative who claimed to be on the side of the humans, a militia who was infected but still had his wits about him or any number of incredibly life-like undead.

All in, the adventure was a winner for those in attendance and a really professional set-up from the direction and design team at Kelburn but one thing remains to be asked, did any of the zombies managed to infect a human or two and are they now living among us?

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