Kids from Netherthird Primary School and Early Years Centre showed their artistic talents during a design a competition organised by GRAHAM.

The company is currently working on the completion of a new build Early Years Centre in the Netherthird area which will have capacity to work with 83 children.

Nursery pupils were encouraged to draw what they imagined their new nursery was going to look like, while primary students designed artworks around the theme ‘new buildings’.

After much consideration from the judges, nursery pupil Lacey McCreadie, P3 pupil Kali Phillips and P5/6 pupil Kayla Chalmers were named as winners and awarded with gift vouchers for local retailers as a prize.

All of the children’s artworks are now being proudly displayed on the site hoardings, which the pupils pass on their way to and from school.

Jemma Donnelly, head teacher of Netherthird Primary School and Early Childhood Centre, said: “We were delighted to take part in the competition run by GRAHAM. The children really enjoyed the process and were excited to engage with their new school building. It’s fantastic for them to see their work displayed in our local area.”

Gerard O’Hare, contracts manager at GRAHAM, said: “Well done to all of the winning entries and a huge thanks to all of the children who took part. It has been a pleasure to see the creativity and talent of the pupils at Netherthird Primary School and Early Years Centre.

“As a company, GRAHAM is dedicated to working with the communities surrounding our projects, while we hope to encourage more young people to think about a career in construction through engagement with local schools.”