AUCHINLECK have finally raised their hopes and concerns for the community after five years of attempts.

The Auchinleck Community Action Plan has now been published which was years in the making and three other attempts.

Now the document is calling on residents to become more active in the area over concerns about a ‘lack of community participation’.

They highlighted their main vision as putting Auchinleck on the map by making it a tourist hub and creating local jobs.

The report says: “In 2024, Auchinleck will be a clean and healthy place with a thriving economy providing local employment opportunities within the heart of our community.

“It will offer a friendly welcome to visitors and will develop and deliver social activities for everyone.” Speaking to locals they revealed what they like about the village.

Some said: “I think Auchinleck is a proud village and ha s a st rong sens e of community.”

While others added:“Everyone knows everyone and I like this as it makes me feel my kids are safer.”

Along with others who said: “There are still people who have pride in their village and try to do their best to make it look ok.”

Someone else commented: “It has a small industrial estate at HighHouse which does provide premises for small businesses to thrive.”

Others said: “There are housing projects in and around it which is a good sign. We have the new centre and bowling arena and of course Talbot Club.”

Another member of the community said: “We pull together in times of need, sense of community.”

Someone else agreed saying: “I feel that our community has a lot of spirit for our village such as our football team, we have nice playparks for kids to play in and lovely walks and nature to enjoy. Auchinleck has its kind people as well.”

The public also raised their concerns including high litter volumes especially around high schools and a lack of volunteers pitching in. They also suggested there wasn’t a lot of activities for teenagers in the area.

Some complaints included: “Lack of community participation.

“Litter, especially after lunch time at the academy, and empty derelict buildings on the main street.

“Not many activities for teenagers.

“Not a lot of jobs in the area, therefore commuting to work is essential.

“Main Street does not look appealing, first impressions are important for visitors driving through.

“Organised events not very well advertised/attended.

“Public transport links, especially lack of trains, not enough shops/ businesses, lack of colour in village e.g drab buildings and vandalism.

“There are a lot of abandoned buildings and grounds which are not looked after. “There isn’t anything to do and everything that gets done to Auchinleck gets ruined by people.”