A LAST minute change to a chairty night could jeopardise a vital lifeline for men tonight.

The location for a volunteer night hosted by Auchinleck mental health charity Release Ayrshire might see people show up to the wrong venue.

Originally it was to be hosted at Cumnock Rugby club at 7.30pm but in a last minute move it will now be held at yipworld on Barrhill road.

They are hoping to find more volunteers to help those seeking mental health advice and promote the organisation.

The group is aiming to give men a voice who may be down, suffering with depression or feeling suicidal will be holding a special event for volunteers.

Release will be holding an information open night, which will give potential volunteers a chance to explore volunteering opportunities within the charity.

They will be looking for people to help with the following: fundraising, advertising, campaigning, online support and public presentations.

They are asking people who are passionate about their cause or have spare time to commit themselves to helping push their support page further.