A MUM has told how her baby boy “died for two minutes” before being brought back to life after he was born 13 weeks early.

Mhairi Jones went into labour with son Brodie when she was just 27 weeks pregnant.

The mum-of-six and husband Darren, both 39, were left distraught after doctors at Crosshouse Hospital’s Ayrshire Maternity Unit told them their baby son weighed just 2lbs 5oz and might not pull through.

But last month the plucky youngster celebrated his first birthday - a day his family thought they might never see.

Mhairi, who lives in Millport, said: “I had a low lying placenta. It ruptured and I got taken to hospital off the island by helicopter and Brodie was born at 27 weeks by emergency c-section.

“He was born at 2.05am on October 4, weighing 2lbs 5oz. We didn’t get to see him that night because he was so small and ill so it was hours later when we eventually seen him.”

Brodie seemed to be doing weak in his first few days, but Mhairi says his condition took a turn for the worse and the family, who are originally from Ayr but now live on Millport, feared they would lose him.

She said: “He was fine for the first few days then he deteriorated very quickly and they put him into an incubator.

“He died and they brought him back. They told us he was gone for about two minutes before they ressurected him.”

Thr youngster’s road to recovery took months and following four blood transfusions and 102 days in hospital, Brodie was eventually allowed home.

Last month the couple, along with Brodie’s siblings, Darren, 19, Hannah, 17, Ryan, 15, Jonathan, 13 and Oliver, 11 celebrated his first birthday.

Mhairi, who is a support worker, says it was a special day. She said: “We just celebrated his first birthday which was lovely. When he was going through all that in the hospital we weren’t sure we would get to celebrate that.

“He is doing great now and we know if it wasn’t for the amazing doctors and midwives at Ayrshire Maternity Unit Brodie might not be here.”