HALLOWE'EN ended in horror and broken bones for a poor Cumnock schoolboy.

Lochlan Murdoch, 10, had been out trick or treating when he fell and broke his arm and wrist.

The local lad was left in agony and needed a corrective operation for his painful injuries.

He had been out with his best friends when he tripped over a speed bump he hadn’t spotted

But that didn’t stop football daft Lochlan heading straight to Townhead Park within an hour after getting out of hospital.

He didn’t want to miss out on the team or have them play without his full support despite being in anguish.

His worried mum said she is heartbroken for her son and said: “This is not how we expected Hallowe’en to end.

“Broken arm and a bone in his wrist.

“Lochlan is putting on such a brave face.

“The consultant said we could go home and he was discharged at 9.20am and was at Townhead Park for 10am.

“It gets pretty sore if he moves it too much or doesn’t have it elevated so I’m making him rest which isn’t easy.

“Home and in quite a bit of pain but he is made of strong stuff this kid. So proud of him.”

It’s not the first time little Lochlan has made headlines as we recently told you how he was left stunned after Scotland rallied round his mission for mental health.

The youngster who suffers from type 1 diabetes struggled with depression last year and was inspired to organise a major football stadium to raise awareness and cash for charity.

It comes after Lochlan had a serious football injury last year that put him on a downward spiral as he was forced to sit on the sidelines for months.

Now he is hoping this recovery doesn’t take as long as he will be back on the ball soon.

The eager schoolboy wants to continue encouraging people to talk about their mental health and help people with type 1 diabetes through sport.