With the clocks turned back, commuters across Ayrshire are being advised to look out for deer crossing trunk roads.

The deer rutting season is at its peak and Scotland TranServ has identified the area as a potential hotspot for deer strikes.

Signage has been installed for the season at eight key deer collision hotspots identified within their Deer Management Plan.

Isla Davidson, Scotland TranServ’s Senior Environmental Specialist, said: “Deer are often more mobile at two particular times each year: In May and June young deer disperse from breeding grounds to search for new territory of their own. Meanwhile, October and November is rutting season for the larger deer species, when adult males challenge each other for breeding rights.

It is estimated that there could be as many as 9,000 collisions per year, resulting in anywhere between 50 and 100 human injuries, with the total cost of material damage and injury thought to be around £9.5million.